Bruce was born in Truro, Nova Scotia Canada & migrated to Toronto, Ontario when he was just a child. While living in Toronto ON & working in film & television, Bruce’s introduction to photography began in the spring of 1995 when Bruce as a young teenager, found a darkroom kit on the side of the road & quickly turned to learning as many aspects about black & white photography & darkroom development as he could. Bruce's career in the film & television industry helped shape him as a visual storyteller as he studied how to convey emotion & concepts through lighting, composition & expression under award winning filmmakers & visual storytellers. Over 10 years ago, Bruce moved to Eastern Ontario to continue to work in & contribute to the developing Film & Television Industry in Ottawa, Ontario. Bruce has also worked as an Executive Director of an Arts Council in Eastern Ontario. 
Bruce’s first creative photography project titled Toronto, My Love, began back in the 90’s and culminated over decades & years into a completed work of 3 volumes. The project uses nostalgia & the passage of time to impact creative choices. The project is a visual diary that explores the history of Toronto through photographs. 
Bruce is a hard-working photographer that loves to beautifully capture fine art still life, street & documentary photography, portraits & lifestyle. Bruce enjoys taking photographs as a form of his emotional expression, rather than being defined by photographic genres.
Bruce has been commissioned to photograph portraits, weddings, lifestyle & commercial work for magazines & books. 
Bruce lives in Eastern Ontario, outside of Ottawa, Ontario along the St Lawrence River with this wife, Janet, his dog Bailey & his cat, Chicken, Bubbles & Ludo. Bruce also has a daughter, C. who is very special to him. 
Curriculum Vitae
I am an emotionally intelligent human being, who brings this intelligence & connectedness to every project. I photograph people & subjects that evoke emotion within me & make me feel connected. I believe each frame is a work of art, is an expression of something important & profound, & it should be treated as such. I believe each subject has a story worth telling. 
I have extensive experience in professional creative industries like Film & Television, as well as working in Arts Administration & Management for not-for-profit arts organizations & municipalities. This experience provides me insight into how to balance my photography as a business, industry & as an art form. I know how to provide clear deliverables & timelines for clients &  how to work with & communicate with various types of people in large & small numbers - from 10 to 1000s of people. I know how to deliver a project with clear expectations & satisfaction. 
I have extensive knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud solutions for a digital photography workflow, as well as traditional analogue methods of photographic development. I am very skilled with social media & various creative online platforms like Pixels, Instagram, Google, Squarespace & Reddit.
Bruce's photography work has been published in the LCBO Food Guide, tourism magazines in Eastern Ontario & a Canadian military history book. Bruce has an extensive background in Film & Television as an Assistant Director & Writer/Producer. Bruce is very skilled with Project Management for large scale creative projects & surrounds his life with creativity both professionally & spiritually.

The experience in this CV is positioned to reflect my skills as a professional photographer. If you would like to review or discuss my  experience as a project manager, producer or arts administrator please contact me directly to discuss. 
My portfolio is meant to reinforce the experience outlined in this CV with visual examples of my expertise, creativity & follow through on various projects.

1995  Acquired First Darkroom Kit in Toronto, ON.
Learned how to shoot & develop black & white film by reading books & talking to friends &  family. 
I fell in love with photography.

1998-2011 Film & Television Industry -  Production Management, Producing & Writing in Toronto & Ottawa, ON.
Learned through practical experience, lighting & composition through working with award winning onset photographers & filmmakers.
Learned how to tell a story & convey emotion through an image 
Learned to plan & build a story from page to image. 
Mentored emerging  artists into successful filmmakers & creative business owners, through teaching Production Assistants, trainees as well as volunteering on smaller independent sets with less experienced filmmakers. 
Managed creative projects with thousands of variables, including unions & large crews, using time management in a creative & efficient way.
Learned to approach art as a business without sacrificing merit & expression, through union, administration & scheduling expectations that needed to be balanced with the creative vision of the project.

2012-2016 Executive Director, Cornwall, ON & Arts & Culture Advisor for Eastern Ontario.
The position of Arts & Culture Advisor developed into the Executive Director position at the arts council.
Wrote grants, bringing in just under $1 million in total funding for capacity & infrastructure, for the local city art gallery, a local regional arts council & a local city theatre as well as local independent artists in the area. 
Create municipal partnerships around art & culture in a rural agricultural based community, through meeting with various municipalities & provincial arts agencies to create incentives, projects & programs like a highly attended arts summit & an arts centre planning session for Eastern Ontario. 
worked with & advised artists on how to be successful businesses & create partnerships.
Learned how to assess art from a community economic development perspective. 
Produce a highly attended art summit using social media in 2012/2013 before it became a best practice method.

2014 Published in a Municipal Tourism Magazine - Cornwall Living - centre spread, full size colour.
Negotiated a fee for a photograph that would be used professionally for mass tourism & marketing.
2016 Published in the LCBO Food & Drink Guide - half page, colour.
Professionally set up a photograph session that had requirements, specific deliverables & expectations from a client.

2018 Published in a Canadian Military History Book, Up the Glens written by BGEN (Retired) William J. Patterson.
Photographed antiques for professional historical book publication that required specific lighting & staging. 
2018-2019 Producer, Make Hay Media, Kingston, Ontario
Produced Branded content & tourism videos for the web & social media apps. 
Dealt with deliverables, contracts, creative change & developments, project timelines & deadlines, worked with very specific parameters as well as complete flexibility & creative freedom on various projects & videos.
Worked with the following clients to produce professional dynamic video content:  RTO-90, The City of Kingston, Queen's University, Community Living, Kingston Economic Development, Frontenac County, Regional Business Improvement Associations, regional Chamber of Commerce as well as many others. 
Emotional intelligence. 
Compassion & understanding.
Friendly & clear communicator - excellent with people. 
Social Conscious, Social Justice. 
DIY approach to creative hurdles.
Project Management of large scale creative projects. 
Film photography (including medium format & 35mm).
Digital photography.
Studio & natural lighting. 
Film processing & darkroom development.
Adobe Creative Cloud - Lightroom & Photoshop.
Analog & digital knowledge of photography.
Social Media & various online platforms including, Google, Google Workspace, Instagram, Facebook, 
Reddit, Squarespace & more.

Major Awards

2021 Top Rank, Fantastic Collaborator & Elected - ViewBug
2020 One of the Top Creators - ViewBug
2020 Honourable Mention Awards for Ron. 1 from my micro expressions series - MonoChrome Awards.
2020 Heavy Rain no. 2 & no. 4 from my Heavy  Rain series - MonoChrome Awards.
For additional award & achievements please see the awards & achievements section of my portfolio. 
I am happy to connect you with anyone from my previous experiences. 
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