portraits seen above are of people who have actually passed on & have required our abilities.
We are here to help & we provide great attention to detail, love & care for each of our memory portraits.
We deliver memory portraits to you inbox in 1- 3 hours (and no later than 4 hours).
We provide 4 color backdrop options including a neutral gray & sky blue with each memory portrait.
We offer 1 round of minor adjustments to details if need be.
We are available to help from 7:00AM to 9:30PM 7 days a week and offer extended hours help if required.
When possible we provide enough resolution for an 8x10 portrait.
We use 'by hand,' algorithmic & current AI techniques to develop the best possible portrait. 

How it works
Email, Google Drive, or Drobox us a photo of the person in need of a memory portrait and we take care of the rest. We email you back with a memory portrait with 4 backdrop options 1-3 hours later. 
We invoice every 5 portraits. 
That's it.

We also offer bulk or shoebox scanning & archiving of documents, letters and forms for digitization. Ideal for client files, taxes and posterity. We are confidential & are willing to try work within your budget to accomplish your scanning and archiving needs. 
If you would like to discuss our memory portrait work, or if you would like to request our fixed pricing & to book our services, please contact us using the form below. 
Thank you for your inquiry. One of us will respond to your email within 2 days. Take Care!
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