My creative fine art work is about exploring myself in expressive, creative ways with my camera. I enjoy finding inspiration in early marketing & advertising work from the 50s & 60s & well as classic paintings & sculptures from neoclassical, renaissance, modern & postmodern eras . I enjoy finding beauty in everyday aspects of life & if I can photograph that in an emotional meaningful way, then I have accomplished what I set out for. I enjoy minimal & abstract approaches to my creative work as well.  I love to explore the concept of transformation in my life & in my work. I believe it is an important part of development & growth. 
If you would like to order original prints of any of my work, please use the email me button or the contact me page. If you would like to order prints online, please visit the Purchase My Work page. 
If you would like to book or commission me for a project, contact me & let's chat. ​​​​​​​
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