Antiques and Things Ottawa 2019 - 120 film

A collection found sitting quietly in Ottawa, Ontario.

Botti di vino - 120 film

"Wooden bellies full of wine  & sombre musk." These wine barrels in light & shadow are full of texture, beauty  & personality as they stand huddled together.

The Conversation Ottawa - 120 film

Two people discuss something important in the Elgin Street Diner on Bank Street in Ottawa, Ontario.

Ottawa Shopping Mall 2019 - 135 film

A space station filled with gifts.

Waiting - 120 film
Waiting for something... 
Ottawa, Ontario

KAN3KTV - 120 film

Influx & output. Normal & high-speed. Communication & absorption (Ottawa, Ontario).

Crossing Here Ottawa, Ontario - 120 film

Sitting formally providing a lost sense of balance. 

Ottawa Chinatown - 120 film

All things connect. All you need to do is follow the lines.

The Hot Walk in The Market Canada Day 2019 Ottawa, Ontario - 120 film

We follow in the other direction. I love how these two people walking together seem to be headed in the opposite direction.

Unto The Masses Canada Day, Ottawa, 2019 - 120 Film

What if, when people got together, they learned to be efficient with their gatherings, to see what other powerful activities could be done while they were all together? What if we began to see how difficult it is to get together & to take full advantage of the opportunity in front of us?

Jesus is Lord on Canada Day - 120 film

It was unclear if the message got through.

Canada Day Bike ride 2019 - 120 film

They all got together & went someplace all at the same time. Canada Day, Ottawa, Ontario 2019.

Canadian Museum of History - 120 film

Ottawa, Ontario

Cold Treats on Canada Day 2019 - 120 film

Gather together for the same things looking the same way on the same day.

Parliament Hill Canada Day 2019 Colour - 120 film

Sparkling from afar It looked proud. It looked iconic & somewhat menacing so I photographed it.

Chinese Tea Cups - 120 film

Tea cups poke their heads up in the sunlight in Ottawa, Ontario.

In a Row - 120 film

Repeating patterns over & over again. There is something so very soothing about knowing what will happen next.

Waiting - 120 film

At the Cue & Cushion in Ottawa, Ontario

Bell Ottawa - 120 film 

Bank Street  Ottawa, Ontario

Longma &  Kumo in Ottawa, July, 2017 - 135 film
The beasts were beautiful and the crowds were over packed. Photographed on two different rolls of film for no other reason, than that's what was available in my bag at the time. 
The streets were empty, until they weren't. 
You could feel the energy as we drew closer to the beasts.
When we arrived both Kumo & Longma were sleeping, but soon after, Longma awoke &  then Kumo stirred.
Longma, Ottawa 2019 - 135 film In one moment it all changed.
Longma, Ottawa 2019 - 135 film In one moment it all changed.

Ottawa Ontario Shadows - 135 film

Interesting form is everywhere.

Construction Walk - 135 film

Waling in Ottawa Ontario's Market - Summer 2019

Treats in Ottawa, Ontario - 135 film

I love spotting balance & form in the every day. Here I was sitting with Janet over a cup of tea when I looked over my shoulder & spotted this wonderful balance & delicious treats.

Information Age  - 135 film

We are living in an age of over information  (Ottawa, Ontario).

The War Memorial & the tomb of the unknown soldier 
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